Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled

For those storing items that are sensitive to heat and/or humidity, we offer Climate Controlled units where the Temperature is maintained between 55° and 80° F, depending on season, with a 50% or less humidity level.

These specialized units will protect what is important to you because we have invested in:

  • Ground-level access to all our inside units.
  • A state of the art digital security camera system that monitors our property.
  • An automatic gating system that allows access during our posted hours.
  • Customer entry through the use of an assigned personal security code for climate controlled units.
  • A fully fenced, well-lit facility.
  • Keeping our facilities and grounds well maintained.

Here are just some of the items we would recommend for our Climate Controlled units:

  • Computers, speakers, cameras and most electronic devices.
  • Wooden objects like tables, chairs and stringed instruments.
  • Items like clothes, stuffed toys and upholstered furniture.
  • DVDs, CDs and vinyl records.
  • Books, newspapers and photographs.

5’ x 5’
Closet size. Perfect for seasonal storage such as sports equipment, holiday decorations, filing cabinets and boxes.

5’ x 10’
Outdoor furniture, lawn and garden supplies, bicycles

10’ x 10’
Contents of a one-bedroom apartment without appliances.

10’ x 15’
Contents of a two-bedroom home with appliances.

10’ x 20’
Contents of a mid-sized moving van.

10’ x 30’
Contents of a large house.

Outside Storage
Good for RVs, boats, trailers

Our Climate Controlled units are great for storing a wide-range of items. Contact us today and we’ll help you determine the right size and unit type for your unique storage needs.